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Hoi An Ancient House- Tourist destinations not to be missed | Kha Car Rent
hoi an ancient house
Hoi An, Travel Info

Hoi An Ancient House is a must destination you cannot ignore when dropping by Hoi An charming city. Do look through our article to see special architecture of old houses, what to play and eat there, as well as experience of travelling to Hoi An Ancient Town.

Hoi An Ancient House overview

Hoi An Ancient House is one of the tourist destinations not to be missed when walking around Hoi An street. Old house Hoi An used to be a busy trading port in the 16th, 17th century.

In the past, there were numerous Japanese, Chinese, Spanish,… merchants with houses are the harmonious integration of Vietnamese – Chinese – Japanese – French architectural styles. So, Hoi An old house is one of the points emphasizing to contribute to making Hoi An one of the world cultural heritages. Follow Kha Tran car rental to visit the unique tourist site!

hoi an ancient town
Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient House architecture

What is the model of Hoi An Ancient House?

When you come to Hoi An, you will see one or two-story old houses with moss covered. The characteristics of these houses are narrow and wide deep inwards tubular shape, the width of 4 m to 8 m, from 10m to 40m deep.

Some double-sided houses with view open the city facilitate business and trade. Housing materials in Hoi An are capable bearing and durability against the harsh weather.

The structure of Hoi An Ancient House is divided into 3 parts, each part with specific functions: Business place, place of living and places of worship. The 4 x 4 distribution column system forms the base width house and depth with a 3 x 3 structure.

hoi an ancient house
The model of Hoi An Ancient House

Hoi An Ancient Town Space

Hoi An old house have a traditional wooden frame structure, brick walls to separate. In the commercial space, the old house has 16 pillars and 4 central high trees than the other columns. This space takes place buying and selling activities. Some houses other in Hoi An, the altar turns outward and has a different spatial structure 3 x 2 spaces or 3 x 5 spaces.

Next to the house is the extra house space, which is the low two-storey house. The space in the annex can only accept sunlight, this place is also where the host welcomes guests. Toilet and indoor yard function is dividing the space into two vertical sections. Behind the old house Hoi An is the living space of the whole family and separated by wooden walls. Then alsoa small space for kitchen, toilet.

hoi an ancient house
Hoi An Ancient Town Space

For people living in trading port in that time, the business is very important, so place of worship is not large but occupies a position in thought. In order to facilitate the sale, the altar was placed on the mezzanine floor. Particularly, one-story houses on the altar are set  below sub roof of the front or center behind the old house.

Roof tiles in the old town of Hoi An are also very special. Old houses in Hoi An often roofed with Yin-Yang tile, this is a product combining the quintessence between Vietnam South and China. Terracotta tiles, square on each tile side approx 22cm.

Famous Hoi An ncient houses

Here are the list of Hoi An Ancient Houses:

Old House Of Tan Ky Hoi An

Location: 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Hoi An, Vietnam

Tan Ky Ancient House is a destination that attracts a large number of tourists. Old house Tan Ky is also the first house in Hoi An Ancient Town to welcome heads of state and government. The house is 200 years old and used to be the residence of the Le family. Material main house is wood alternating stone and tiles. Furniture in the Ancient House of Tan Ky Hoi An is extremely luxurious with bold oriental. The house also exhibit heirlooms from previous generation of traders.

ancient house in hoi an
Old House Of Tan Ky Hoi An

Duc An Ancient House

Location: 129 Tran Phu street, Hoi An, Vietnam

Compared to Tan Ky, Duc An Ancient House brings many Vietnamese beauties with a charming space decorated with beautiful architecture. When coming to Duc An Ancient House, you will not find it difficult to realize that this is a pharmacy by a wooden cupboard with many drawers. This place is also a historical destination, and revolutionary activities was taken place here.

the ancient house hoi an
Duc An Ancient House

Phung Hung Old House

Location: 04 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, Hoi An, Vietnam

The old house of Phung Hung Hoi An is a special architectural combination of the three countries: Vietnam, China and Japan. The most outstanding feature of this old house is the its removable doors. This is very convenient for keeping warm in winter and creating space cool in summer. The owner of this house specializes in silk trade, ceramic, earthen products … because they wanted to their business and trade better, so it called with name “Phung Hung”.

Phung Hung Old House
Phung Hung Old House

Quan Thang Ancient House

Location: 77 Tran Phu street, Hoi An, Vietnam

The house is more than 150 years old but almost keeps intact. The architecture of this old house is Ranch-Style with ground floor is connected to both sides of the road. All sculpture in Quan Thang Ancient House are made by skillful Kim Bong carpenters.

hoi an ancient house
Quan Thang Ancient House

House of Diep Dong Nguyen

Location: 80 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Vietnam

Diep Dong Nguyen house was built in the late 19th century of a merchant Chinese people. For tourists and researchers, the old Diep Dong is originally an expensive museum of antiques.

hoi an ancient house village
House of Diep Dong Nguyen

Restaurants in Hoi An Ancient Town

Here are some Hoi An old town restaurants:

● Banh Mi Phuong: At 2B Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An

● Tra Que Garden Restaurant: Hai Ba Trung Street, Cam Ha Ward, Hoi An

● Spice Viet Restaurant: 187 Ly Thuong Kiet, EMM Hotel Hoi An, Cam Pho, Hoi An

● Mango Rooms: 111 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An

● Restaurant & Café Tuan: 170 Tran Nhan Tong, Hoi An

● Rice Restaurant: 538 Cua Dai Street, Hoi An

● Nhan’s Kitchen Restaurant: 167 Trần Nhân Tông, Cẩm Châu, Hội An

Hoi An Ancient House is always an attractive destination. Despite the ups and downs of every house and every street, every corner of Hoi An still imprint the hallmark of a bustling trading port in the past. Thus, Hoi An and its distinctive beauty will leave an impression unforgettable in the hearts of visitors. Thank you for taking a moment to read our article!

Hopefully, you  will find out some useful information for your trip to Hoi An of charming city. For more details, please contact us via Hotline: (+84) 91 651 0201(+84) 34 797 6789.