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Ba Ho Waterfall Nha Trang - A masterpiece of nature - Kha Tran Car Rental
ba ho waterfall vietnam
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Ba Ho waterfall Nha Trang has both a majestic and poetic beauty. This is an ideal place you cannot ignore when coming to Nha Trang. Together with Kha Tran car rental sees what to do and see there?

Where is Ba Ho waterfall?

It is located in the territory of Phu Huu village, Ninh Ich commune, Ninh Hoa district, Khanh Hoa province. This waterfall is away from Nha Trang city is about 25 km to the North. Coming from 660 m – high Hon Son Peak, the stream flows between the 2 stone mountain slopes down to Phu Huu Hamlet to the north and then passes a vast field into Nha Phu Region.

Ba Ho waterfall how to get there?

From Nha Trang city center, you follow the Highway 1A to Ninh Hoa. It’s about ten minute drive to cross Long Phu pier, then you will see Ba ​​Ho eco resort guidance. Next, you turn left on the village road, cross the junction and turn left again. After 10 minute walk through the forest you will reach Ba Ho Stream or Three – Lanke stream. You can move to Ba Ho Nha Trang by taxi, motorbike or car. In fact, to be more safer, you should rent a car.

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Ticket price at Ba Ho resort

Ba Ho entrance fee: 100,000 VND / person, including for going sightseeing, joining water sport, and swimming pool

Best time to go to Ba Ho waterfall Nha Trang

From November to January is the ideal time because Ba Ho waterfall gets more beautiful with cool blue water, looks like a “tuyet tinh coc”.

Why is it called “Ba Ho Waterfall”?

The stream gets its name Ba Ho (Three-lake) because in its upper section, there are three lakes which are filled with water all the time. Each lake has its own beauty.

ba ho waterfall
Ba Ho waterfall

What to play at Nha Trang Ba Ho waterfall?

First lake

The first lake is about over 100 m2 with scattered stones, half-submerged. This is the lake with the lowest altitude, so you can easily come. During the rainy season, the waterfalls flows down beautifully, most tourists visit here to relax or snap stunning photos.  In the other hand, in dry season, there will be less water, so surrounding scene is not nice at all. If you like thrilling games, do not hesitate to join cliff jumping to try “cool” feeling.

Second lake

About 1km away from the first one, the second lake, nearly 100m2 wide and some 10 meters deep, is created by stones blocking the water. Like the first, the second lake seems more drier in the dry season. But compared to the first one, it is more captivating by charming and poetic scenery with huge majestic mountain and green forest.

Lake 2 is located under a large tree, so it is suitable for you to eat drink or take a rest. However, the pathway here is very difficult, so only a few groups of local young people come here to play.

The third lake

Hiking upward about 0.5km, you will reach the third lake located beneath a waterfall tumbling down in a pan-like form with a lot of sand and stones. The lake is smaller but quieter and more tranquil.

The Three-lake is on an ideal resort in summer. After walking along 10km in the sultry sunshine, you can enjoy the clear air and admire the beauty of the wild forests and mountains. Human beings and nature harmonize in a sweet symphony of the stream’s flowing, birds’ singing and mountain wind’s blowing,… It’s worth to experience once in your life!

Moreover, there are some attractive outdoor activities such as: kayaking, playing water sport, swimming,… Do join them to have a lot of fun.

ba ho waterfall nha trang
Ba Ho waterfall Nha Trang

What to eat at Ba Ho waterfall Nha Trang?

Coming to Ba Ho, you will enjoy delicious food together with attractive flavors at Ba Ho restaurant. With an airy and cool space, this place is very suitable for you to eat, drink or take a break. Additionally, friendly staff, professional style, a variety of menu will make you pleasant and comfortable.

Where to stay?

Ba Ho eco resort in Nha Trang has a system of high-class rooms along with quality services. There are 3 types of tourist accommodation you can choose:

Bungalow: Built in an open and friendly architecture to the environment. Bungalow is designed very luxuriously, the roofs are covered with green grass. This resort will bring you new, interesting  experience, and moments of relaxation.

Container room: Colorful containers and modern, dynamic style gives you a feeling of comfort.

Tents: Come here, you can also stay at small cute tents to immerse yourself into nature. This must be an enjoyable experience waiting for you.

The note when coming to Ba Ho Waterfall Nha Trang

– You should go to Ba Ho stream in the days without thunderstorms to avoid waters upstream falling would be very dangerous.

– You can bring fast food, drinking water, sunscreen…

– Do not throw litter to keep environment always clean and clear.

– Must not cook or light up fire here!

ba ho waterfall how to get there
Ba Ho waterfall Vietnam

Ba Ho waterfall Nha Trang and useful information about it are the things we want to share with you. Follow our article more frequently to get further necessary tourist information. Wish you have a wonderful trip to Vietnam of beautiful country!