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Mooc Spring Quang Binh - Kha Tran Car Rental
mooc stream
Quang Binh, Travel Info

Mooc Spring is one of the ideal tourist destinations that you cannot miss when coming to Quang Binh. With beautiful natural landscape, the rich and diverse species of plants and animals bring interesting experiences for you. And this article will provide you necessary information about this spring: How to get there, best time to visit, what to play, what to eat,… Let’s look through now!

Where is Mooc Spring?

Mooc spring is located on West branch of Ho Chi Minh road in Phuc Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province. On the way, you can drop by Botanic Garden, Thien Duong cave.

Road to Mooc Quang Binh stream

How far is it from Dong Hoi to Moc Spring Phong Nha?

– From the center of Dong Hoi city, follow Ton Duc Thang street. Then go to Dong Hoi bypass, then follow Highway 1A to Nguyen Van Linh, then continue along Ho Chi Minh Road to the North about 60km, you meet Khe Gat intersection, then turn to the West direction. Another 5 km to Quang Binh Mineral Spring.

– The road to Mooc spring is very nice and easy to go, so you can move by motorbike, taxi, bus or car.

How to get there?

To visit Mooc River, you need to get to either Phong Nha or Dong Hoi and drive from there. You can take trains or flights to Dong Hoi from major cities in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, or Da Nang. From Dong Hoi airport, it takes you 1- hour drive to take a taxi or local bus to Phong Nha town, then rent a bike/car to Nuoc Moc stream (about 20 km).

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Best time to visit

According to our experience, the most ideal time to visit Mooc Spring Vietnam is from March to May. The weather at this time is very pleasant and cool, it is suitable for sightseeing, experience stream tours Quang Binh. You should avoid coming here from June to August because the weather is very hot making you unpleasant and get irritated.

From September to November, there are usually suddenly storms and heavy rain. It is not worth to go at all.

mooc stream
The most ideal time to visit Mooc Spring Vietnam is from March to May

Mooc spring entrance fee

There are two types of tickets: entrance ticket and package ticket.

+ Entrance ticket: 80,000 VND/ ticket / per

This ticket price is only an entrance ticket, not including any service. You can snap photos.

+ Package tickets: 180,000 VND/ ticket / per

With this ticket, you will be able to use all the package services bathing, kayaking, life jackets, or joining in the outdoor activities.

nuoc mooc stream
Mooc spring entrance fee

What to play here?

When you come to Quang Binh Stream, you will amazed by the beauty of the natural landscape, the lush, smooth trees covering the majestic cliffs. See columns of water, current water from the earth emerges and flows into the flowing Chay River.

In addition, here you also have the opportunity to see colorful butterflies fluttering on the trees or wildflowers. How a poetic and charming scene!

– You can take a bath in the spring, hammock under the trees to enjoy the most comfortable moments. Do participate in Mooc stream games like kayaking, fishing, swimming…

suoi nuoc mooc stream
Do participate in Mooc stream games like kayaking, fishing, swimming…

– Going inside the forest you will see the vegetation, extremely diverse animals, such as birds, monkeys, vooc, dragonfly … or fragrant orchid flowers forest.

– Next to Mooc spring, there is also an attractive destination called Song Chay- Dark cave (belonging to the world natural heritage of the national park Phong Nha Ke Bang). Dark Cave is a branch of Phong Nha cave system, with a length of 5.28m and a height of 80m. In the Dark cave, many stalactites have different colors and shapes. Especially there are stalactites are considered vestiges of geologic movement.

mooc cave
Exploring Song Chay – Dark cave

When coming here, you will experience trekking through the primeval forest and can conquer 6 km of Dark cave, mud bath, basketball… with safety equipment.

What to eat at Mooc spring Vietnam?

When you come here,  you will enjoy the food delicious, attractive and rustic food such as “pig village, chicken hill, stream fish, sticky rice, grilled shrimp… And note that you don’t bring in food from outside to keep the environment clean!

Besides exploring Mooc Quang Binh tourist resort, you can also enjoy specialties in Quang Binh such as ginseng sweet potato, seafood, soup porridge, crayfish,…

Some homestay, hotels near Quang Binh Mooc Spring

– Thanh Tam Hotel

Address: Ha Loi village, Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh.

Admission: 250.000 VND/per night

– Mountain View Hotel

Address: Son Trach, Bo Trach, Quang Binh, Phong Nha, Dong Hoi.

Admission: 250.000 VND/per night

– Phong Nha Backpacker Hostel

Address: Phong Nha, Ke Bang and Dong Hoi. Quang Binh

Admission: 300.000 VND/per night

– Heritage By Night Hotel

Address: Son Trach, Phong Nha, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh

Admission: 390.000 VND/per night

Mooc Spring is a very suitable destination for you to enter sultry summer days. Come here to immerse yourself into fresh nature, to forget all tiredness,  and experience the fun things with friends and family. Wish you have memorable experience here!