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Discovering "The underground palace" - Thien Duong Cave | Kha Car Rent
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Quang Binh, Travel Info

Paradise cave Phong Nha

Thien Duong cave is the largest in Vietnam and the most beautiful, mysterious in the world. Together with Kha Tran car rental discover this famous cave in Quang Binh to see useful information such as: where is Thien Duong cave, how to get there, its entrance fee and hours as well as travelling to Paradise cave.

Where is Thien Duong cave?

Paradise Cave is located in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, in Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province.

How is Thien Duong cave Quang Binh found?

Paradise Cave was discovered in 2005 by the Cave Association British Royal. Since then, the Association has been exploring caves since 2005 – 2010. By 2010 the Association had announced the length of the cave to be 31.4 km, width is from 30 – 100m. Quang Binh Paradise Cave was rated as the most beautiful dry cave in Asia. To promote tourism here, Truong Thinh Group has invested in constructing Paradise Cave Eco-tourist site.

Thien Duong Cave Google Map:

Experience of travelling to Thien Duong cave

Best time to visit

You should visit Thien Duong Cave in the dry season (from March to September). At this time, the temperature and weather will support your trip.

paradise cave entrance fee
Paradise Cave in Quang Binh province, Vietnam

How to get there?

The way to Thien Duong cave: From Dong Hoi city, go along straight Ton Duc Thang street to come to Tran Thanh, Dong Hoi town, then drive along Highway 16 and you will see your destination. Road to Paradise Cave Quang Binh is relatively spacious and easy to move, so you can rent a motorbike, car or taxi to move:

By motorbike: If you are a fan of backpacking, go to Thien Duong cave by motorbike is the best choice for you.

By taxi: taxi is the fastest transport, but its price is so high. Moreover, going by taxi is not safe because of cheating.

By car: It’s trully that car is the most convenient and safest for you to travel to Thien Duong cave. On the way, you can stop to snap beautiful photos or take a break. If you have a perfect trip, come to Kha Tran car rental- the best quality service, the best price. Now, we have a fleet car from 4 -45 seater with new, modern model and luxurious interior, especially favorite Vip Dcar Limousine with high and airy, spacious compartment. Additionally, our drivers are well trained, courteous, and good at speaking English. We ensure of the quality of service and affordable price. Please contact us via Hotline ( Ms Katharine): (+84) 916 510 201 or (+84) 34 797 6789 to book now!

Limousine 9 seats for rent
Toyota Fortuner 7 seats
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Thaco bus 45 seats

Tickets price at Quang Binh Paradise Cave Eco Tourism

Entrance ticket

● Adults: 250.000 VND/ per

● Children:

Over 1.3m: 250.000 VND/ per

From 1.1m to 1.3m: 125.000 VND/per

Under 1.3m: Free of charge

There is also a buggy service that takes visitors through the forest quickly and conveniently.

4 seats : 60.000 VND/ one – way, 100.000 VND/two- way

6 seats: 90.000 VND/ one – way, 150.000 VND/two – way

8 seats: 120.000 VND/ one – way, 200.000 VND /two – way

Golf car 14 seats: 210.000 VND/one – way, 350.000 VND/ two -way

Notices: Sold tickets are not refundable,and ticket is valid within visit day.

You can also choose to walk to reach the top of the mountain. Walking on the path, you will feel the fresh air, every flock of butterflies wings gold on the ground, wild scenery of mountains and forests. That’s so fantastic!

thien duong cave
Exploring Thien Duong Cave

What is special there in Thien Duong Quang Binh Cave?

When you go all the way through the forest you have to cross 524 challenging steps to reach cave entrance. So, you will be exhausted when reaching. Why don’t you take a rest before entering the cave.

Because of the difference between outside and inside temperature, to avoid sudden harmful changes in temperature for your health. Thien Duong cave, consisting of two stages, was opened to operate is 1km of walkways (wooden bridge) and 7km of discovery and experience.

Explore 1km of wooden bridge: Enter the door of a narrow cave, a new world just appeared before your eyes. It is a large space with countless blocks colorful stalactites. The stalactite formed under the hand of nature becomes more fanciful. Come here you can imagine such as: “Cung Giao Trì, Cung Quảng Hàn, blocks of Amitabha Buddha statues, and Rong communal houses.

The galaxy Thien Ha falls to the ground, layers and strata petals of the Lotus Flower Tower, stalactites grow from the ground to rise only sky. When light shines on, these stalactites are more sparkling and fanciful.

paradise caves phong nha
Paradise Caves Phong Nha

For those who has a passionate nature, you can continue exploring 7 km deep inside the cave. But you must guarantee to have strong health, confidence and experience exploring the cave. Your last destination called “Skylight” (“Giếng trời” in Vietnamese) with a pillar of light shining on the cave, looking very eye-catching.

In Paradise cave, feel the cool temperature, look at these nature’s amazing creations are the best things to do. What are you waiting for without saving these memorial photo with family and friends?

Notes for visiting Thien Duong cave

Make sure you are in good health and fitness to take this journey because climbing up the steps is not easy either. Obey the rules and regulations when visiting Thien Duong Quang cave Jar.

Should choose reasonable travel attire. It is best to wear sneakers, no carrying too many bulky luggage.

Inside and outside of Thien Duong cave, there is no food or drink.

Bring some snacks and drinks with you. (Note: Do not litter to protect environment).

Some hotels in Paradise Cave Quang Binh

1. Jungle Boss Homestay

2. Victory Road Villas

3. Nguyen shack – Phong Nha Eco Resort

4. Shanghai Hotel

5. Phong Nha Central Hostel

6. Phong Nha Lake House Resort

Thien Duong cave is an ideal destination for upcoming summer. The cave with extremely magnificent structure makes people think of a heaven on the ground that attracts young people from all over the world.

Please contact Kha Tran Company to find out more about the tour travel as well as car rental services. Let us be your companion with your trip!

Wish you have a wonderful trip to Vietnam!