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Danang is not only a livable city, developing tourism with outstanding infrastructure. Recently, within the framework of the 2019 ASOCIO Smart City Summit held in Thailand, Da Nang has successfully received the “Smart City Award” – ASICIO Smart city 2019. Today, Kha Tran will give you the above achievements through the article below.

ASICIO is an information technology – media association represented by 24 economies in Asia – Oceania. The organization was established in 1984 in Tokyo, Japan with the participation of 24 member economies and over 10,000 IT businesses with revenue of 350 billion dollars in the region.

Da Nang is honored as a smart city with 8 cities from 24 member economies of ASICIO

The award was held on August 27-30, 2019, within the framework of the Smart City Summit held in Bangkok, Thailand. This is an award organized by the Asia-Oceania Computing Industry Organization (ASICIO). The award aims to honor the cities of the member economies that have made great achievements in building and developing the smart city program. In this competition, Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) nominated Da Nang to participate in ASICIO Smart City 2019.

In the poll, the smart city awards were awarded to 6 categories: tourism city, cultural city, agricultural city, old city, heritage city and overall smart city. To be present at the award, criteria for happiness index, smart infrastructure, online public services, economic growth, education and development research must clearly meet.

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Da Nang city at night

Building and developing a smart city

In recent years, Da Nang City has promoted the application of information technology in planning, management and brought about high efficiency. Especially the application of these technologies to tourism, always bring innovation and progress to the city. The construction of a smart city is considered to be Da Nang’s next step in building e-government.

There have been many projects implemented to make Da Nang become the current smart city. It is the application of information technology to infrastructure development, good investment in services and deployment to better serve the needs of the people. How to make such progress, making Danang one of the most livable cities in Vietnam and a prominent tourist city.

da nang city
Han River – the most famous river in Da Nang

The Smart City Award 2019 is an opportunity for Da Nang to reach out to regional smart city partners. Thereby, it is the cultivating, learning more experiences and new ideas for the future development of smart cities. Currently, Da Nang is focusing on three main economic pillars: High-tech, high-quality tourism and services, and marine economy.

Coming to Da Nang, tourists not only see a liveable city, with many high-class resorts, famous beauty spots but also the development of a modern smart city. Smart cities also help Danang tourism grow and attract more tourists. By applying advanced technology equipment, internet applications, and modern facilities, it is easy for tourists to travel, learn and participate in tourism activities.

Besides that, tourism services are also promoted such as dining, accommodation, entertainment and transportation. In order to help you experience in smart cities most, Kha Tran company specializes in providing best car rental services meeting the modern and comfortable criteria. Let’s explore a worthy city with many attractive destinations on your journeys.