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Hoi An - Asia's leading cultural city destination 2019 - Kha Tran Car Rental

Hoi An is the city that has received the attention of the press this year when receiving international prestigious awards. Hoi An city was awarded the title of “Asia’s leading cultural city destination 2019” at the World Tourism Awards ceremony. Kha Tran car hire will update you the latest news about this event.

Hoi An the prestigious award “Top Asian cultural city destination 2019”

Hoi An tourism city has long attracted attention to travelers around the world. With the beauty of an ancient, charming urban area and impressive architectural works. Hoi An possesses intangible cultural treasures, traditional villages and unique folk arts … leaving a deep impression on visitors.

At the 26th World Tourism Awards (WTA) held in Phu Quoc, Hoi An was named “Asia’s leading cultural city destination 2019”.

hoi an vietnam
Hoi An – Top Asian cultural city destination 2019

The award is an effort of the people and local authorities with aim to develop and promote Vietnam’s image to international friends.

This also shows the national spirit and the effort to preserve and promote the good values ​​of the country’s culture.

The World Tourism Award is considered to be an “Oscar in the field of tourism” which is an honor for Hoi An to become the center of reaching out to the world. WTA is held annually, established in 1993 and divided into regions of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central America, Oceania, North America, South America ..

At the Vietnam Honor Awards, there are 6 nominations in the world ‘s top category:

  • The world’s leading cultural destination
  • World’s leading destination
  • The world’s leading tourism council for the VNAT
  • World’s leading city destination for Hanoi
  • The world’s leading food and beverage destination
  • World’s leading cultural city destination for Hoi An ancient town
hoi an ancient town
Hoi An Ancient Town

Among of which, there is the category of the world’s leading cultural city with 12 cities such as Mascow and Saint Petersburg (Russia), Rome and Venice (Italy), London (UK), New York (USA), Paris (France). .. At the ceremony of the 26th World Tourism Awards held in Phu Quoc, Hoi An was awarded the honourable title of “Asia’s leading cultural city destination 2019” in the joy and congratulations of international friends.

Hoi An is on the list of TOP prestigious polls

Along with many other titles, Hoi An has really become an ideal destination for travelers to Vietnam. Hoi An has honored at the list of prestigious polls such as:

  • Hoi An was recognized by UNESSCO as a World Cultural Heritage in 1999.
  • America’s Travel and Leisure Magazine voted Hoi An as the sexiest city in the world 2019.
  • In July, Hoi An was also named by the magazine as the most impressive destination in the world.
  • Hoi An also became the focus of attention when artist Shanti Rittgers sketched unique drawings of the Japanese Covered Bridge and reached the top of the Google search homepage.
hoi an city
Hoi An is on the list of TOP prestigious polls

In order to make Hoi An worthy and reach out to the world, it is really the concerns and worries of the people and local authorities.

The destination of Asia’s leading cultural city is a great pride to honor the unique cultural values ​​of Hoi An. Gaining those achievements is a process of building and striving for the efforts of the people of the city, the leadership and the tourism organization.

The Asia’s Leading Cultural City Destination 2019 award helps Hoi An promote the image, people and tourism culture of an ancient urban land and also help Vietnam’s tourism to be on par with other powers. other.

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