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son doong cave vietnam
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Son Doong is one of the five most adventurous tours in the world and one of the top 20 greatest adventure tours on the planet. This shows the majesty and attraction of the cave once known as the best big cave of the world. If visitors are passionate about exploring and adventurous, Son Doong in the top 5 most adventurous tours in the world is an ideal place for you.

TV channel Dave of England has voted Son Doong in the list of the 20 greatest tours on the planet. This rating is based on the percentage of votes of travel agents around the world. Unexpectedly, Son Doong cave is highly rated, ranked in the top 5 with a vote rate of 24%.

Son Doong is just behind the experience of climbing Kilimanjaro (Tanzania),    trekking along the Inca, Machu Picchu (Peru), sailing along the Grand Canyon (USA), going to the Thrihnurkagigu volcano (Iceland).

son doong
Son Doong Cave

List of the top 20 greatest  adventurous tours on the planet.

  1. Climbing Kilimanjaro, Tanzania – 37%
  2. Trekking along the Inca, Machu Picchu, Peru – 35%
  3. Rafting along the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA – 31%
  4. Going to the heart of the volcano Thrihnukagigur, Iceland – 29%
  5. Exploration of Son Doong cave, Vietnam – 24%
  6. Sitting in a dog cart, watching Aurora Borealis, Norway – 23%
  7. Kayaking in Arctic fjords, Greenland – 22%
  8. Conquering Base Camp on Mount Everest, Nepal – 20%
  9. Exploring Antarctica – 19%
  10. Scuba diving to watch shark in Cape Town, South Africa – 18%
  11. Swimming with humpback whales in Mozambique – 17%
  12. Diving in a cave in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico – 16%
  13. Diving in The Great Barrier Reef, Australia – 13%
  14. Trekking along the Great Wall of China, 12%
  15. Paragliding in the Alps, Switzerland – 11%
  16. Trans-Siberian train, Russia – 10%
  17. Volcano night trekking, Indonesia 9%
  18. Climbing Mount Fuji, Japan – 9%
  19. Diving in Blue Hole, Belize -8%
  20. Finding the lost city Teyuna, Colombia – 7%

Son Doong the most magnificent cave – defying all limits

Son Doong cave in Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province is located in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang cave complex. Formed about 2 – 5 million years ago, Son Doong has a length of 9km, a width of 150 meters and a height of 200 meters. You may not believe it, but here can hold 38.5 million cubic meters equivalent to 15,000 Olympic swimming pools

son doong cave
Son Doong the most magnificent cave

The event on April 5th, 2009, after finding and discovering Son Doong cave of the Hoang Gia Anh expedition by the guidance of Mr. Ho Khanh (who discovered Son Doong) caused a great commotion all the whole world. It is said that the discovery of Son Doong cave is like finding the legendary Mount Everest.

As soon as Son Doong’s majesty is discovered and announced, the cave immediately usurped the Deer Cave in Malaysia’s Gunung Mulu National Park and becomes the largest cave in the world. Words to describe Son Doong such as “shocking”, “shocking”, “wonders” or “unbelievable” are uttered by millions of people around the world. Information about the cave has spread, creating a new wave for 2009 and the history of human discovery at that time.

How spectacular the world’s most adventurous tour in Son Doong is?

Son Doong Cave is surprisingly beautiful with many strange shapes of stalactite cliffs about 70 m protruding at a depth of more than 6 km and named “Great Wall of Vietnam”. Contain an entire primeval forest in the middle of the cave, also known as the garden of Eden. Discover a collection of thousands of years old pearls in the cave. From the cave of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, you can see the hills.

Son Doong cave has welcomed dozens of famous film crews of the world media companies such as the UK, Germany, Japan, the US …coming to promote the spectacular image of the cave. Son Doong Cave will take you to discover what lies deep in this cave.

Currently, tourism in Son Doong cave will limit the number of explorers to ensure the pristine nature and beauty of the former cave. The journey to explore Son Doong is full of obstacles and extremely difficult. The successful conquest of Son Doong cave is less than those who have ever stood on Mount Everest.

son doong cave vietnam
Conquering the doong cave

Son Doong Expedition Tours is the most adventurous tour in the world, ensuring the design criteria as well as safety standards according to European standards. The tour of Son Doong is priced at 3,000 USD / person, and it is estimated that each tour has only 10 guests and needs 30 people, including top cave experts, guides, safety assistant, head. stoves and porters carry a total of about 600 kg of equipment in and out of the cave. Everything you bring in the cave must be taken away after the end of the tour. This shows the adventure and difficulty for visitors who wants to conquer.

The world always contains many new things and nature always creates unique discoveries. Scientists and explorers in the world are searching for unexplained mysteries inside Son Doong. Promise spectacular new findings in the future.

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