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nha trang beach
Nha Trang, Travel Info

Nha Trang is known as the most beautiful coastal city in Vietnam. Every year, thousands of domestic and foreign tourists travel to Nha Trang. Not only famous for many entertainment attractions but also many beautiful beaches. The beaches in Nha Trang are the ideal tourist destinations for everyone. Come along with Kha Tran Car Rental to explore Nha Trang beaches Vietnam.

Beaches in Nha Trang city

Coming here, you will have the opportunity to swim, skydive, dive, surf, … You can go to Nha Trang beach in the morning to breathe fresh air and admire ​​Nha Trang sea at dawn. It seems that the most beautiful things that Nha Trang beaches have gathered and created the ecstatic beauty of the beach in Nha Trang city.

The seascape in Nha Trang city at night is great, helping you feel the fresh, pleasant atmosphere, and admire the endless, strange and interesting beauty of Nha Trang beach.

nha trang beach vietnam
Beaches in Nha Trang city

The beaches in Nha Trang city is one of the beaches of Nha Trang having the beauty making people enchanted and captivating.

Some interesting information about the beach for you to refer:

How long is Nha Trang beach? The beach in Nha Trang is 7 kilometers long.

Where is Nha Trang Beach? Located in the city center of Nha Trang. This is the main beach in Nha Trang which is famous, attractive to many domestic and foreign visitors.

Some homestay Nha Trang near the sea: Homestay 57 Nha Trang (57B Mai Xuan Thuong, Nha Trang), Dreamland Homestay (220 Phuoc Long, Nha Trang),…

Some beach resorts in Nha Trang: Amiana Resort and Villas Nha Trang, Fusion Resort Nha Trang,…

Doc Let Beach – the most Nha Trang Vietnam beach

This is a beach in Nha Trang, about 50 kilometers north of Nha Trang. Doc Let is one of the most beautiful beaches in Khanh Hoa province with pristine white sand dunes, clear blue sea and soaring ocean rows of shiny ocean.

From January to September is the best time to come to Doc Let because the weather is quite dry and convenient for recreational activities at sea as well as visiting the beaches in Nha Trang.

In addition to going swimming, you can join other games such as:

+ Paragliding: For those who like thrills, flying is a pretty interesting game. You will see the whole sea and enjoy this new feeling.

+ Jet skiing: This game will be guided by players on how to control and play it. Bring an interesting experience when surfing Doc Let beach. This is also a game for those who like adventure.

Rent a boat to explore the island

– You will row a boat yourself to visit the beautiful islands nearby.

– Admission ticket: 20.000 VND / per

nha trang best beach
Doc Let Beach – the most Nha Trang Vietnam beach

Doc Let is one of the beaches in Nha Trang that has many delicious dishes and attracts visitors when coming here such as jellyfish noodles, fish vermicelli noodles, fish ball vermicelli, Ninh Hoa spring rolls, Ninh Hoa spring rolls, Dien Khanh wet cakes,…

In addition, there are many resorts and hotels to choose from, the price of Doc Let is not too high, but if you go during the day, you should only rent motels or rent a beach chair.

Bai Dai Beach

Bai Dai is one of the beaches in Nha Trang that has many attractive services to attract visitors to Nha Trang.

Bai Dai is located between Cam Ranh airport and the Nha Trang coastal city, in Cam Hai Dong commune, Cam Lam district.

What to play at Bai Dai?

In addition to swimming in the sea, there are other fun activities such as:

+ Scuba diving to watch the coral

+ Going for a picnic

+ And many adventure games such as windsurfing, parachute flying, jet skiing,…

nha trang beach in vietnam
Bai Dai Beach

Bai Dai beach is a famous beach in Nha Trang with many special dishes that you should try out once when coming here: Huynh De crab, grilled peanut paste with chilli salt, peanut paste in soy sauce, rabbit fish, snail,…

Some hotels near Bai Dai tourist area: Dragon Bay, Hong Mai Hotel, Navy Hotel The Region IV,…

Hotel prices range from 400.000 – 600.000 VND per night for a double room

Bai Duong

From Tran Phu Street, cross the bridge of the same name to the Northeast you will come to Bai Duong.

It is a beautiful beach among the beaches in Nha Trang that attracts and attracts a lot of tourists because of its wild and tranquil beauty.

In front of Bai Duong is Kien Vang Island located on Hon Trem, Hon Phu Tu, Chua Hang Mountain and many other islands towering in the open sea. Bai Duong is one of the beaches in Nha Trang for those who want to seek peace. You can come here to swim, relax, stroll on the shady rows of ocean or lie on the beach listening to the whispering waves. Bring a sense of relaxation and comfort.

nha trang beaches
Bai Duong

What to eat at Bai Duong?

Some delicious dishes in Bai Duong: squid pancakes, pancakes, Lac Canh grilled beef, jellyfish noodles, fish cake,…

The price of hotels near the beaches in Nha Trang is not too high. Therefore, the price of some hotels in Bai Duong is relatively low: Quang Vinh 2 Hotel, For You Hotel, Dai Nam Hotel Nha Trang,…

Bai Tru

Bai Tru is located in Vinh Nguyen ward, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province.

Because it is one of Vinpearl Nha Trang resorts, you need to buy tickets to Vinpearl Nha Trang to visit Tru beach.

Coming to Bai Tru, you will be surprised by the magnificent beauty of nature here. Some interesting activities such as swimming in the sea, walking around the beach, going squid fishing, diving shrimp hunt,… will make you not leave here.

best beaches in nha trang
Bai Tru Nha Trang

Not far from the main beach for tourists, there is a small fishing village located at the foot of the mountain, you can visit and learn about fishing village customs, enjoy coconut fruits right on the island.

Coming to Bai Tru you can join the entertainment, dining and resort games at Vinpearl Land Nha Trang. Nha Trang beaches Vietnam are always not to miss spots you cannot ignore.

Sam Island

About 18 km from Nha Trang city to the North, together with many tourist destinations such as Monkey Island, Hoa Lan Stream in Nha Trang,…

Hon Sam is a rather small island of only 8.3 hectares but it is a place that makes visitors seem to get lost in the world of forest fruits, immersed in the pristine and pure natural landscape. Hon Sam beach is considered to be the most interesting beach in Nha Trang, so visitors always choose it to admire.

Ticket price to visit Hon Sam:

Adult: 30.000 VND/per, children: 15.000 VND/per (including ship tickets and sightseeing tickets)

Some games in Hon Sam: skydiving, motorcycling at sea, bamboo rafting, fishing and snorkeling to see corals.

And do not forget to enjoy the fresh seafood here!

Some hotels near Sam Sam: Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel & Spa, Ventana Nha Trang Hotel,…

Binh Ba Beach

Binh Ba is one of the beaches in Nha Trang with an area of ​​about 3 kilometers is about 15 km from Cam Ranh Port, is regarded as the most famous place in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. It owns a series of famous beaches: Bai Chuong, Bai Nom, Bai Nha Cu,…

What to play on Binh Ba Beach?

During the day you can swim, snorkeling or rent a motorbike to explore around the island. At night, shackle and squid fishing are also very interesting.

nha trang beaches vietnam
Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba Beach is a beach in Nha Trang famous for lobster island and fresh seafood, so we definitely cannot ignore this specialty!

Some motels and homestays in Binh Ba: Uncle Ho’s motels (0983 858 941), Ms Dung’s motels (0972 332 202), homestays Ms Ut Tang (0918 948 953), Ms. Ngoc Tu (0942 016 958), … Prices range from 70.000 – 100.000 VND / per night

Ninh Van Bay

Ninh Van is a beautiful bay situated in Vinh Luong commune, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. Ninh Van is located on Hon Heo Island of Nha Trang Bay. It is also popular with tourists and chosen as a place to relax.

Coming to Ninh Van, you will be fascinated by high-class resorts, with wild and serene natural scenery.

What to play in Ninh Van?

+ Experience in Ninh Van fishing village

+ Have fun on Ninh Van beach: swimming, snorkeling, fishing, windsurfing, taking a picnic, going camping,…

+ Explore Ninh Van rainforest to know more about the plants and animals there.

beaches nha trang
Check-in Ninh Van Bay

What to eat in Ninh Van?

Ninh Van, one of the beaches in Nha Trang also has many fresh, juicy and greasy seafood dishes that you must try out!

If you want to stay in a luxurious resort, you can experience one of three resorts in Ninh Van: An Lam Retreat Ninh Van Bay, L’Alyana Ninh Van Bay and Six Senses Ninh Van Bay.

Van Phong Bay

Van Phong Bay is about 60 kilometers from the center of Nha Trang city, it belongs to Van Ninh district of Khanh Hoa province.

This bay is one of the most beautiful bays in the world. As a wonder of the sky, the sea, the immense white sand, the clear blue sea, the surrounding mountains and hills different from the beaches in Nha Trang.

nha trang vietnam beach
Van Phong Bay

Places you should visit when coming to Van Phong Bay: Dam Mon – Mui Doi, Hon Ong, Son Do Hamlet, Co Ong Island, Diep Son Island.

Besides that, Van Phong is famous for many fresh seafood. So, you can choose and enjoy the dishes made from seafood. Van Phong specialties are Salanganes’Nest and nem Hoa Ninh, you can buy them as gifts.

Hotels and resorts in Van Phong Bay: GM Doc Let Beach Resort & Spa, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, Wild Beach Resort & Spa.

Hon Tam Island

Hon Tam Island is in Vinh Nguyen Ward, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province.

Coming here, you will admire the stunning beauty of the island and participate in games on the island. Hon Tam Island is an ideal place to check in as well as the beaches in Nha Trang.

What to play on Hon Tam Island?

You can choose and participate in games such as hand gliding, motorbike racing on the sea, surfing, kayaking, snorkelling, watching coral reefs, taking part in climbing mountains to explore tropical primeval forests, cycling terrain around the island, playing golf,…

Additionally, Merperle Hon Tam Resort Nha Trang is a luxury resort with a beautiful view to sea. This is an ideal for you to relax and admire the sea at dawn as well as sunset. Besides that, you can choose some hotels in Nha Trang city: Majestic Nha Trang Hotel, Funny House,…

beaches in nha trang
Hon Tam Island

What to eat at Hon Tam Island?

Beaches in Nha Trang have many and diverse sources of seafood and Hon Tam also includes types such as lobster, peanut worm, squid, crayfish, crab, crabs, snails and fish,… you must definitely enjoy once as dropping by here.

Nha Trang beaches Vietnam as well as experience of traveling here that Kha Tran car rental has shared, will help you to have a meaningful and full vacation with family and friends! Don’t forget to keep in note!

Kha Tran car rental would like to accompany you all the paths to discover the magnificent beauty of Nha Trang city. Please contact us via Hotline: (+84) 916 510 201 or (+84) 34 797 6789 to book now as well as get a specific quote.