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Discovering 12 pristine caves without human footprints in Quang Binh
phong nha caves vietnam
Quang Binh, Travel Info

The experts from the British Royal Caves Association had new discoveries about 12 completely pristine caves with no human beings footprints in Quang Binh. The group found out after surveying in the forest more than half a month. These caves are absolutely unspoiled and pristine.

The Quang Binh expedition, started to conduct from 3rd -20th March, consists of 11 experts and is divided into 2 small groups. Experts carried out a survey from different locations of Quang Binh. Mr. Howard Limbert said that 12 caves recently discovered cave had no trace of people and the total length of caverns was measured as more than 10km.The locations surveyed were mainly in limestone areas of Bo Trach and Quang Ninh and Minh Hoa district, including Hang Doc Co with a length of 554.6 meters and End Cave with a length of 51.5 meters, and Dry Vom is 413 meters long. The new caves discovered include Underground Water Cave (3,872 meters long), Water Diving 3 (1,919 meters long), Hung Thoai cave (460 meters long), cave Coincidental Cave (100 meters long).

phong nha cave
Phong Nha Cave

Particularly in Minh Hoa district, the expert group has discovered 5 caves including 3 caves: Horned Viper (194.8 meters long), Phu Nhieu 4 cave (2,012 meters long), Cha Ra 9 cave (314 meters long ), Thoang Lip cave (137 meters long), Ma Lon cave (463 meters long).

In Quang Binh province, the experts also discovered a long cave with nearly 4 km as well as discovering some other caves. According to the BCRA’s report during the survey, they have discovered many beautiful, mysterious and special caves without finding any traces of people, among them are outside the area of ​​Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.

phong nha caves
Exploring Phong Nha Cave

The stalactites inside of the caves discovered include 4 basic forms such as roofed stalactites and rock formations, scattered patterns, stalactites created by the flow of water, or stalactites due to accumulation of minerals. According to Mr. Howard Limbert ( Leader of Cave experts of the BCRA Association) said the cave system here is very many and they have not not fully explored their beauty and magnificence, currently only discovered about 25%.

The newly discovered caves are truly a gift that nature bestowed on Quang Binh scenery to attract more international visitors. This makes a contribution to development of Quang Binh province in 2020. If you have ever come to”Kingdom of caves” , you  will not forget the name of famous caves like Son Doong cave, En cave, Phong Nha cave, Thien Duong … Those are beautiful scenes you cannot miss when coming to Quang Binh.

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Phong Nha Caves Vietnam

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