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suv car rental in danang
Da Nang Car Rental

SUV car rental in Danang is one of the best services for your upcoming trips. In order to bring the best experience to customers, Kha Tran Car Rental has invested in a fleet of new, high-quality 7-seater SUVs. In particular, with extremely competitive prices, Da Nang Kha Tran SUV car rental service wishes to accompany individuals and organizations that have a need of renting SUVs.

Why should you choose to rent an SUV in Da Nang Kha Tran?

suv car rental in danang
The best SUV car rental in Danang

Many new and high quality 7-seater and 4-seater SUVs

Grasping the increasing demands of customers, Kha Tran company has put into use many new models of 7-seater, 4-seater SUVs. With a large number of cars, Da Nang SUV car rental Kha Tran confidently meets the needs of car rental for projects, daily/ monthly car rental with driver / without driver, …

Nice car, new models

To ensure the safety of the trip, the car at Kha Tran is always regularly maintained. Therefore, you can be assured of the quality and safety of your vehicle. In addition, the car is also cleaned regularly to give you the most comfortable journey.

Car rental procedures are quick and time-saving

Towards the customer experience, Kha Tran always minimizes the procedures when renting a car. With just a few simple steps and the necessary documents, you can rent yourself a fully equipped SUV.

Good service quality, professional, dedicated staff

In order to provide a good and professional service, Kha Tran company always focuses on building a dedicated and professional customer care team. All questions related to car rental are answered quickly and promptly.

Da Nang SUV car rental service of Kha Tran company

Kha Tran’s cheap Da Nang SUV car rental service can meet the requirements of customers well. Specifically, you can choose to rent a 7-seater and 4-seater SUV when you have needs such as:

  • Suv car rental in Danang for sightseeing tours, travel in the inner city of Da Nang or other provinces.
  • Hire suv car in Danang for doing projects.
  • Rent an SUV to transport experts attending conferences and seminars.
  • Self-drive suv car rental / suv car rentals Danang with driver
  • Daily/monthly/ yearly suv car rental Danang, short-term/long-term suv rentals car


Types of SUVSDaily rate for self-drivingMonthly rate for self-drivingMonthly rate with driver 
TOYOTA FORTUNER manual transmission90019.00029.000
TOYOTA FORTUNER automatic transmission100020.00029.000
  • The price list is for reference only. To get a specific quote, please contact us via Hotline: (+84) 916 510 201 or (+84) 34 797 6789.
  • Rate rental may vary during holidays, Tet or peak seasons.
  • The above price includes fee fuel, tolls and driver’s salary.

Types of SUVS for serving Da Nang Kha Tran SUV car rental service

At Kha Tran, you have a wide choice of new, high-quality 7-seater SUVs. Specifically, 7-seater SUV car rental in Da Nang will bring you the following models:

FORD EVEREST – SUV car for rent in Danang

danang suv car rental
SUV car rental in Danang with best price, best quality

Ford Everest is a 7-seater SUV from the Ford brand. The car is strongly improved with a 4-wheel drive system. In particular, the automatic transmission of Ford Everest 2020 is also upgraded from 6 to 10 speeds. This is the only 7-seater SUV model in Vietnam equipped with this type of gearbox. Thanks to that, the car can overcome the roads and harsh terrain easily.

Ford Everest owns a luxurious and sophisticated interior system. The car is fully equipped with an active noise cancellation system, panoramic windows, bringing a premium experience to users. And that is also the reason why Ford Everest is popular with people when they need to rent a 7-seater SUV rental in Da Nang.


suv car rental in danang
The best suv car rental in Danang service for you

Toyota Fortuner is a car line with many breakthroughs in both performance and design. The vehicle is built on the basis of the Toyota Hilux pickup line. Therefore, it is suitable for moving on hilly, rough roads and bad terrain.

Toyota Fortuner is considered an exclusive SUV in terms of interior and design. The interior of the car is a combination of high-class materials, bringing luxury and class. The cabin is spacious, the 2nd and 3rd rows of seats are supported to fold to the sides.

Large legroom provides comfort even for long distances.


suv car rental danang
Let’s conquer all roads with SUV car rental in Danang

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is a 7-seater SUV from the Mitsubishi Motors brand. This is a sporty and powerful car in both appearance and engine. In addition, it also has many intelligent features, bringing a superior experience to customers.

The interior is a combination of luxurious, modern and extremely impressive features. The driver’s seat and front passenger’s seat integrate 8-way power adjustment, bringing comfort to passengers.

Moreover, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport also has a full range of other necessary utilities such as automatic air conditioning system, 8-inch entertainment screen, anti-glare rearview mirror, 360 panoramic camera …


Danang suv car rental always accompanies you

Chevrolet Trailblazer is also a remarkable car in Da Nang SUV car rental service. The vehicle is built on the chassis platform of the famous Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck. The Chevrolet Trailblazer uses a variety of active and passive safety features. In particular, the most prominent is the traction control system (TCS), electronic brake distribution (EBD), up / downhill support (HSA / HDC) …

With a wheelbase of up to 2,845 mm, Chevrolet Trailblazer has an extremely spacious space. The cabin is designed in a neutral direction in the form of a symmetrical taplo, creating a sense of class and luxury. In addition, there is a variety of entertainment systems including a 4-speaker sound system, a touch screen, a USB connection port, AUX, Bluetooth …

SUV car rental in Danang with NISSAN TERRA

suv car rental danang
Cheap suv 7 seater SUV car rental in danang

Nissan Terra is one of the good suggestions for you to rent a 7-seater SUV. Highlight of this car is safety technology that helps to warn of blind spots, lanes, rear cross-traffic vehicles and early collisions. With these features, Nissan Terra is suitable for those who want to rent a self-driving 7-seater SUV.

Nissan Terra is also considered a true SUV model with a solid chassis, large Lazang set. Powerful engine, intelligent bridge shifting system makes it ready to conquer all roads.

MAZDA CX8 – SUV rental 7 passenger in Danang

SUV car rental in Danang – New models, reasonable price

Mazda CX8 is the car that many customers choose when they need to rent a 7-seater SUV in Da Nang.

This car is equipped with a powerful engine and many safety features such as electronic balance system, ABS brake, EBD electronic brake, emergency brake, car bag. In particular, the Mazda CX8 is also integrated with a slope departure system and traction control.

The car’s cabin is arranged appropriately, bringing a sense of comfort to you. Leather seats, integrated central control armrest for the 2nd row. The comfort on Mazda CX8 is enough to satisfy common entertainment needs with high-quality sound system, multi-function screen, system Automatic air conditioning…

How to rent a 7-seater SUV in Da Nang?

To rent a 7-seat SUV in Da Nang, you can do it by the following ways:

In case of renting a self-driving 7-seater SUV, you need to prepare some additional documents such as:

  • A driver’s license with your name matches with the type of car you want to rent.
  • Household registration books.
  • Cash or collateral valued at VND 30 million.

SUV car rental in Danang is the optimal choice, making your upcoming trips simpler and easier. Don’t hesitate to call Kha Tran Car Rental immediately to experience the best and most professional services in Da Nang!