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Paradise Cave: Enjoyable Journey to visit "real paradise" in Quang Binh - Kha Tran Car Rental
dong thien duong cave
Quang Binh, Travel Info

Paradise Cave – Thien Duong Cave is becoming the most attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Just being here and watching the scenery, you will be completely conquered and enthralled by the underground palace. Let’s discover what makes this paradise so special?

Where is Paradise Cave?

Thien Duong Cave – Paradise Cave Vietnam was first discovered in 2005 by a local resident. From here, the cave is listed in the cave system of Phong Nha – Ke Bang. Since then, Thien Duong cave in Quang Binh has really been paid attention by explorers and experts, recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage site.

Paradise Cave in Quang Binh is located at the West branch of Ho Chi Minh, Son Trach, Bo Trach and Quang Binh streets. With a length of up to 31.4km, a height of 60m, the lowest height of 30m, some places as high as 150m. This helped Thien Duong Cave to be recognized by Vietnam record books as “The longest dry cave in Asia” and “The longest wooden bridge in Asia” in 2011.

paradise cave quang binh
Paradise Cave – a world natural heritage site

In particular, the sightseeing that attracts visitors is the stalactite system, stalagmites with sparkling beauty, fanciful. Come here and you’ll see nature’s bestowed nature has never let people down.

Directions for Paradise Cave

If departing from Dong Hoi city, it will take you 1 hour to get Thien Duong cave. Therefore, if possible, rent a car is the best choice for you instead of a motorbike. Also, you should go early to have time to explore other places on the way.

Take Highway, you go straight ahead and there will be signposts and a fairly large entrance on the right. Although the road has quite a few sections going through quite remote mountains and forests, you will easily catch a lot of tourists traveling on the road. This will help you find out this cave easily.

Paradise Cave Google Map:

Paradise Cave entrance fee

At the gate there will be a fairly large yard for you to park your car. Come here and buy a ticket to visit it.

Tickets to visit Heaven Cave is 250.000 VND for adult and 125.000 for children. This price does not include electric vehicles if you choose this form to travel.

Now, with Kha Tran, start your journey to discover Paradise Cave in Quang Binh!

thien duong cave
Paraside Cave – Photo by Na Gia Dinh

Journey to discover Paradise Phong Nha Quang Binh

The ticket seller will guide you to the green gate with the words Thien Duong Cave Ecotourism Area, through which there will be 2 modes of transportation for you to choose: electric car or going on foot.

Because from the place you buy tickets to Thien Duong Cave is about 1 km from the road. So you can choose the two forms above to reach the cave.

The road is quite cool so it will be very comfortable for a short trekking. If you happen to go into the butterfly season, you are very lucky because the scenery is very beautiful right now. Thousands of small butterflies fly in groups in the forest, the sunlight shines through the leaves from time to time.

After about 10-15 minutes you will set foot on Paradise Cave Quang Binh, but to enter the cave you have to continue the journey for another 500m. There are also 2 paths for you to choose:

Climbing stairs: Short but quite steep so you will be tired

Going winding roads: Longer, this road serving electric car moving should be paved easily.

thien duong caves
Thien Duong Cave – Photo by “Paradise Cave”

Admire the Paradise Cave in Quang Binh

Thien Duong Cave is divided into 2 main sightseeing stages:Experience on tour 1 km to visit system wooden stair and experience on adventure 7 km

Experience 1km

Most people will choose this experience because it is easy to go and does not take too much time. Just go through the wooden bridge and you have completed your journey.

The cave is enough large for only one people to enter. But when you step in, it will be a huge paradise with thousands of colorful stalactites glowing in space.

Paradise Cave has a temperature difference of 9 – 10 degrees Celsius outside, so the feeling of coolness is refreshing as soon as you enter. Considered to be the most natural wonder in the world and recognized as the most unique place of stalactites and stalagmites, you will not be able to imagine what nature has done to produce such a huge and coated architectural block. Paradise Cave Dong Hoi.

paradise cave vietnam
Photo by Na Gia Dinh

When experiencing 1km of caves on wooden stairs, you will in turn admire “Dai Luc Giac, Thach Thien Cung,Quan Tien Hoi Tu,Cung Dai Thanh Duong”, Rong House … Time to visit takes from 2 hours to 2 hours and a half. The lighting system in the cave under each stalactite will bring you a very interesting and mysterious feeling.

Experience 7km of exploring the cave

With this journey, you will discover Paradise Cave deeper, it means that you have to cost extra money.

This tour is quite risky, so you need to be over 16 years old, no history of heart disease, blood pressure, the elderly. The price for this tour is nearly 100$/ per.

This experience is for those who love adventure and also require a lot of skills such as swimming, diving, climbing … Because you will have to row a boat through the underground river, wade through cool creeks to reach the Well. The result is that you will be able to admire the mysterious beauty of the hundred-year-old stalactite and the masterpiece of underground water shining in the Paradise cave.

paradise cave
Experience 7km of exploring the cave

Experience of travelling to Paradise Cave Quang Binh

  • When coming to Dong Hoi city, you can rent a motorbike 150k / day or rent a car to travel, you can enjoy this place freely.
  • Traveling in large numbers will help you save money on renting rooms because in Quang Binh, affordable rooms are still higher than other places.
  • Should be equipped with sunscreen, hats, sports shoes because much walking and sunny Quang Binh is also very harsh.
  • If you have time, you should also visit other famous places in Dong Hoi City such as Tam Toa Church, Nhat Le beach, Mother Transparent monument, Quang Binh Quan gate …
paradise cave
Experience of travelling to Paradise Cave Quang Binh – Photo by “Paradise Cave”

Quang Binh is increasingly getting as a place that owns the most beautiful landscapes bestowed by nature in our country. The majestic caves, clear streams make many people surprised … still get young check in “headlining” every summer. Compared with other landscapes in Quang Binh, Paradise Cave retains its attraction and value. Come along with Kha Tran car rental to experience this “real paradise” in Quang Binh to save your memorable trips.

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