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employee shuttle bus in danang
Da Nang Car Rental

Employee shuttle bus in Danang is the optimal and economical transportation solution for agencies and businesses in the city. With many years of experience in the field of car rental, Kha Tran Car Rental promises to bring your business the most professional and wonderful experience. In particular, our car rental service for workers and employees is also applying extremely preferential rates for long-term car rental contracts or bulk car rentals. Quickly contact Kha Tran Car Rental for detailed advice and quotation.

Why should you choose an employee shuttle bus Danang?

Currently, the vast majority of factories and enterprises are in the suburbs of the city. With such a position, it will be difficult for officials and employees to take personal cars to work. 

Therefore, many agencies and businesses have chosen car rental services for employees as a convenient and economical transportation solution.

Kha Tran’s Employee Shuttle Bus In Danang

Employee shuttle bus in Danang with best service

Kha Tran car rental is currently the unit that provides the most types of transportation in Da Nang.

In addition to car rental services, self-driving cars, wedding cars that have resonated in the market, Kha Tran Car Rental is also a reliable partner of many agencies and businesses in providing solutions. Car rental for pick up/ drop off offers outstanding advantages:

High-quality employee shuttle bus

Vehicles used to transport workers are very diverse in terms of models, brands and models. The most popular models are 16-seat, 29-seat, 35-seat, 45-seat, 26-seat Limousine… from famous brands such as Toyota, Ford, Isuzu, Thaco, Hyundai…

The quality of the rental car is guaranteed in terms of safety and hygiene:

Cars for rent at Kha Tran are cleaned, periodically maintained, and carefully checked before being delivered to customers.

Be committed to picking up and dropping off on time:

Kha Tran’s staff danang shuttle bus for staff pickup and dropoff is committed to picking up and dropping off on time as stated in the agreement. Absolutely do not cancel the flight, delay the flight without a valid reason.

Team of experienced drivers:

The drivers are all well-trained and experienced. In particular, the drivers are also very knowledgeable about the road, enthusiastic and dedicated to their work.

Reasonable rate, offering incentives:

Rate rental is so competitive. Moreover, our garage also has many promotions and discounts for large quantity car rental units and long-term contract car rentals.


To get the specific quote of STAFF shuttle bus service in Da Nang, please contact Kha Tran Car Rental via Hotline: (+84) 916 510 201 or (+84) 34 797 6789 for detailed advice and quotation.

Vehicles used to pick up and drop off employees in Danang at Kha Tran Car Rental

Customers will have a wide selection of vehicles. When you need to hire a car to transfer employees, you can choose one of the following car models:

Rent a 16-seater bus to pick up/ drop off staff in Danang

shuttle bus service for employees in danang

The 16-seat car is a highly applicable vehicle. It is suitable for transferring employees in Danang.

With compact size, the car can move easily in the inner city during rush hour. Besides, the facilities on the car are also enough to meet the basic needs of users. Options for 16-seat vehicles include:

Employee shuttle bus in Danang with FORD TRANSIT

employee shuttle bus in danang

rental car shuttle bus for employee in danang 2021

Ford Transit is one of the most popular minibuses in Vietnam.

Vehicles are appreciated for safety, durability and fuel economy. The Ford Transit has an eye-catching appearance, a low center of gravity and an extremely solid chassis. Thanks to that, the car always keeps the balance when running at high speed and cornering. In addition, the car is also equipped with a 138-horsepower engine, a 6-speed gearbox with forward and 1 reverse gears to make the gear shift smoother.


Kha Tran’s Employee shuttle bus in Danang, Vietnam is proud to accompany you

Toyota Hiace is the car that many customers choose when renting a car to shuttle employees in Da Nang. The highlight of this car is its high durability and outstanding fuel economy. Exterior design is also one of the notable points of Toyota Hiace. The car has the smallest overall size and wheelbase among the 16-seater models. In return, Toyota Hiace has a high ground clearance, powerful engine, 5-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive system to help the car confidently conquer all roads.


employee shuttle bus danang
CHEAP employee shuttle bus in Danang service

Hyundai Solati is also a good suggestion for businesses that need to rent a car to transport workers in Da Nang. Compared to competitors in the same segment, Hyundai Solati has a large size and superior comfort quality. Ground clearance up to 185mm, 170 horsepower engine, the most powerful in 16-seat cars. Safety system is fully equipped with ABS disc brakes, airbags, brake pads and warning light.

Not only owning a large car compartment, Hyundai Solati also has a rather high ceiling. Besides that,

the seats are upholstered in luxurious leather, with a large recline that is extremely comfortable.

Car rental 29-34 seats to pick up/ drop off staff in Danang

Vehicles with 29 – 34 seats are models that small and medium enterprises can choose to use as a vehicle to pick up and drop off employees. The capacity of over 30 passengers, convenient 2-2 seat design and powerful engine are the strengths not to be missed of this car. Besides, the 29-34-seater car is also very compact, convenient to move on small roads or inner cities.

ISUZU SAMCO 29-34 seater

employee shuttle bus in danang
Employee shuttle bus in Danang is your first choice

Isuzu Samco is a car that possesses many outstanding features, safety and full amenities. The car is equipped with a turbocharged engine, cooled inlet air, the maximum speed reaches over 100 km / h. The ability to go uphill is up to 30.6%, ready to conquer the roads with steep slopes, rough but still ensure the smoothness and safety for passengers.

The passenger compartment of Isuzu Samco is spacious and comfortable with a high-class and smart interior system. High-quality, reclining leather seats. At each seat, there are air conditioners, lights, reading lights, a system to adjust the temperature and brightness at will. In-car entertainment equipment is extremely modern with DVD player, radio, high quality sound system, basic connection ports …

THACO TOWN 29-34 seater bus

[ NEW MODEL] Employee shuttle bus in Danang

Thaco Town is a car model designed in an elegant, youthful and modern style. The vehicle has good load-carrying capacity, smooth operation and is suitable for Vietnamese traffic conditions. The car engine is located at the rear to increase the area of ​​​​the passenger compartment and reduce noise. Safety features are carefully taken care of with an independent 2-line pneumatic brake system.

Thaco Town’s passenger compartment is extremely spacious, airy and fully equipped. The seat is made of high-quality materials, equipped with an extra comfortable headrest pillow. The luggage rack on the car has a large capacity, convenient for users.

In addition, the car is also fully equipped with necessary amenities such as led screen, refrigerator, air conditioner, reverse camera …

Rent a 45-seater bus to pick up/ drop off  staff Da Nang

The 45-seat car is the most common vehicle used to transport employees. The advantage of this vehicle is its large carrying capacity with more than 40 passengers and belongings. Kha Tran’s employee shuttle bus service in danang is currently operating the following car models:


employee shuttle bus in danang
Employee shuttle bus in Danang [HIGH QUALITY- BEST SERVICE]

Hyundai Universe is a model with outstanding design and most advanced equipment in the 45-seat car segment. The shell body is solid and stable due to being machined by advanced techniques. The new suspension system helps the car operate smoothly even on rough and difficult roads. In addition, the ability to save fuel is also a remarkable point of this car

The passenger compartment of the Hyundai Universe is very spacious and comfortable. Seats are arranged on both sides to create a wide aisle in between the two rows of seats. Air conditioners and reading lights are equipped separately in each seat, creating a private space for each passenger. The passenger amenities on the car includes a mini fridge, LCD screen, high quality sound system, DVD player, amplifier, microphone…


staff pickup and drop off service in danang

Hyundai Aero Space is a high-quality 45-seat car that many businesses choose as a shuttle for workers. The car has an eye-catching appearance, powerful enough specifications to conquer difficult roads and save fuel.

The interior of the Hyundai Aero Space is quite large and the equipment is fully equipped. Seat system is comfortable, can be turned back. The facilities on the car are carefully cared for with hot and cold refrigerators, ceiling lights, reading lights, air conditioners, screens, radios, speakers, ports…

How to contact Kha Tran’s Employee shuttle bus Danang service

In Danang, Vietnam customers can contact to rent shuttle bus by the following ways:

  • Call via Hotline: (+84) 916 510 201 or (+84) 34 797 6789
  • Send information about car rental to email:
  • Fill in the car rental template on the homepage of

Employee shuttle bus in Danang always wants to be your reliable partner. For more details, please contact our customer care for advice and support.